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Vitalized by innovation, Suzhou is now looking to a brighter future. In the context that China's medical device industry saw a gross output of some RMB 821 billion with an annual growth of nearly 30%, Suzhou New District (SND) gives strong supports to the development of medical device businesses. Coupled with automated manufacturing and optimized supporting industries, the medical device industry in Suzhou is on track to maximize its potential future development.

Suzhou Science and Technology Town (SSTT)

Medical devices incorporate a wide range of industrial, political, financial, and academic factors through cooperation. Medpark integrates the resources of enterprises and research institutes to establish innovative strategic alliances that increase the dialogue within the industry. This allows for the development of innovative industrial chains and a cooperation-based industrial ecosystem.


Authoritative Testing

The Suzhou Branch of Jiangsu medical device inspection institute is jointly built by the Provincial Institute and Suzhou high tech Zone, specializing in the registration inspection, market supervision and inspection of medical device products, entrusted inspection by all social parties, export certification inspection, quality arbitration inspection and other testing work. The testing capability covers electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. the testing objects include medical electronic instruments, medical optical equipment, endoscope equipment, medical electroacoustic equipment, high-frequency microwave equipment, in vitro clinical diagnosis equipment, etc., which have passed the laboratory qualification certification of CNAs and other laboratories respectively.

Registration Consultation

Registration consultative service providers are available at Medpark, including CMD, SGS, and Osmunda. These institutions offer third-party consultative services to enterprises for product registration, clinical testing, and production permit applications.




No:No:188,Fuchunjiang RD,Suzhou New District,Jiangsu,P.R.China